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IKFF East Coast Kettlebell Beast Competition

IKFF Kettlebell Beast Competition Logo

Steve Cotter Double Jerk in Competition

The Announcement…

Everyone involved with the Beast of the East Fitness Competition being held here in Connecticut October 8-9, 2011 is VERY excited about this new event! The event is The IKFF East Coast Kettlebell Beast that is now part of The Beast of the East Fitness Competition. The IKFF East Coast Kettlebell Beast will be a FULLY SANCTIONED IKFF Kettlebell Competition!

There are plenty more details to follow, but the competition will be open to men and women and there will be multiple weight classes and Kettlebell weights as per IKFF guidelines.

Kettlebell Snatch

The Events…

Events will include the Kettlebell Snatch, Kettlebell Jerk, Kettlebell Long Cycle (Clean and Jerk) and Biathalon (Snatch and Jerk). Since most of us involved with The Beast of the East are a little crazy – it’s a CrossFit thing – there will also be some non-sanctioned events like a Turkish Get Up Competition and some others that will be open to anyone who wants to give them a shot – and sign the waiver ;-)


Terri Parker Kettlebell Swing in Competition

More Info to Come!

The registration link is LIVE and the $50 early registration fee is good until August 31, 2011 (September 1, 2011 the registration fee goes to $75). Here’s the registration link for the Kettlebell Beast! http://kettlebellbeast.eventbrite.com/

Drop me an email at adam@practicalpaleolithic.com if you have questions or you’re interested in helping out at the competition. We need judges and all around help for this contest!



Kettlebells Competition at Red Barn Fitness


Sara Liber Kettlebell

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  1. William Smith says:

    Good evening, Adam. It looks like the competition registration for the Kettlebell Beast in CT is closed. Do you know of any upcoming IKFF events in NY or CT? Also, what website would you recommend as a good primer for competing in one of these events for the first time? Thanks.

    • Definitely NOT closed, William. The Beast of the East – the CrossFit competition IS closed – but the Kettlebell Beast is open.

      I’ll get back to you on the website. In the meantime, head over to http://IKFF.net and post that question in the competition section of the forum and see what you get back.

      Thanks for the interest!



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